Many scams can victimize you when buying online gifts to India. Common scams and fraudulence include selling of overpriced products, delayed or no delivery at all, selling of non-existing items and stealing of credit card details for illegal cash transactions. Due to these scams, it is of utmost importance to know what websites offer the best gift choices sold at the right price, proven track record in worldwide delivery and quality service that you will surely go back to.

Among the top rated websites, here are the best ones for you to choose from next time you send a gift bought online.


1. Gifts To India 24×7 For Specialized Gifts

Buying flowers, chocolates and cakes online is a risky move as the delivery will always dictate if your act of sweetness is a success of not. There is always the risk of having a withered flower delivered or a designer cake mashed on the way to the recipient. Thankfully, as the name implies, they are open for selling and delivery anytime of the day, with a proven track record to boast at. I consider this the best option out there as they promise on-time delivery on special occasions when other online gift sites cram due to the increased demand. Whether it is for birthday, Valentine’s, anniversary or just an ordinary day, you will surely find a design that will fit your taste.


2. Indian Gifts Portal Sending Authentic Online Gifts To India

By authentic, it doesn’t mean they have real items to sell but real Indian items at that. Having been a preferred online gift site for more than 13 years already, they will surprise you without fail with their mélange of Hindu-inspired figurines, household items and accessories. Name the god and they surely have a product for that. I think the best thing about them is their gamut of gifts, ranging from art products to personal items to the latest fashion craze. As they specialize in gifts for special occasions, you are certain to find the best pick at the price you want. Indeed, they are considered one of the most patronized websites for online gifts not only in India but in Europe and the US as well.


3. Find Gift For Customized Online Gifts To India

If you are looking for rare items to be sent halfway around the globe to a loved one, then you got the perfect online store. Find Gift is proud of its set products as they not only give emphasis to uniqueness but personal touch as well. If their collection of glass, ceramic and fabric items are not enough for you, then try adding a personal touch by putting a message on the product or customizing the color or design. If you want to be really sweet, then I think this is the perfect website to do so.


4. Talash For Modern Gift Items

Online Gifts To IndiaIf you are looking for electronic gadgets, then Talash is the best site to visit. The website has all the latest high-tech gadgets ready for delivery anywhere in India. Although they also have the typical gift items like clothes, toys and perfumes, majority of their items are their affordable electronic gadgets. Smartphones, laptops and tablets will be delivered safe if you buy your online gifts to India from them.